Entire Business on a Single ScreenEntire Business on a Single Screen

Visualize your business on a single screen with a smart dashboard complete with Summary and Statistics.


Dashboard is the main page where the operator can check his entire business summary and business statistics regarding cargo bookings and cancellations, he can get the clarity of the business revenue for the particular date or for the customised dates. It plays the vital role for the operator to know the business is in track or in out of track based on the revenue he earns.


Business Summary gives you a bird’s eye view of your business. Operator will come to know regarding the total bookings amount . It will clearly display the percentage of the particular bookings with the total amount operator earned based on current date or based on custom dates.


Get business details that matter to your business.

  • Total number of vehicles that are used for shipping
  • Total number of employees
  • Total number of branches created
  • Total number of Agents
  • Total Expenses and incomes

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