Get in-depth analytics on your business performanceGet in-depth analytics on your business performance

Access a wide range of reports that provide key insights deep into your business.

Station Booking Report

Station Booking Report Provides Branche level information on Booking and Cancellations.

Booking and Cancellation Report

Get in-depth reports on Bookings and Cancellation for Branches and Agents. Reports gives an all round information on Branch Name, Type of Bookings, Handling Charges etc.

Delivery Report

Delivery Report provides detailed information on Goods delivered at a branch. Delivery report provides information to help the operator understand the overall accepted and delivered goods at a branch. Delivery Report includes information on LR Number, LR Types, No. of Articles and Receiver Details.

Un-accepted and Un-assigned Cargo Report

Unaccepted Cargo Report provides branch level information on total unaccepted LRs. Unaccepted Cargo Report provides a bird’s eye view of total cargo at the Origin and amount collected for the same. Un-assigned Cargo Report gives the overall information on Paid bookings that have not been assigned to a vehicle.

Branch wise Analysis Report

Branch wise Analysis Report gives overall information on, LRs Processed, branch performance and goods movement between branches.

Salesperson Report

Salesperson performance report gives an overall insight into performance of each registered salesperson with Number of Articles and amount collected.

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