Track your transactions and payment easilyTrack your transactions and payment easily

Keep track of accounts receivables and pending payments.

Payment Due Report

Payment Due Report is available for Agents and Branches. Payment Due Report is generated to understand payment due to Agents or from Agents. Branch-wise Payment Due Report provides user-based information on due amount, and includes Handling Charges, Hamali Amount and Payment made if any.

Branch Account Report

Branch Account Report provides a bird’s eye view of the total number of LRs received at the branch. It includes all charges paid and pending.

Account Transaction Report

Get detailed reports on Account Transaction and Vehicle wise dispatch. Access on Account Invoices and reconcile payments. Monitor Bank Transaction and generate expenses and income reports.

Commission Reports

Get Detailed Reports on bookings by Agents. Confirm and pay commission by checking against pre-defined commissions via Commission and Booking Reports.

Profile & Loss Report

P&L Report gives indepth information on total branchwise user and agent bookings made with LR Types, Commission and Incomes & Expenses.

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