Manage payments and track expenses with easeManage payments and track expenses with ease

Keep track of all cash flows, expenses and payments for users and agents.

Manage Branch expense the easy way

Branches expenses can be easily tracked under expense and payment tab in Cargo Operations. Here the operator can track expenses made by agent or user on behalf of the branch. This includes Loading Charges, Unloading Charges, Electricity, Internet and other expenses. User or agent can also create an expense or payment indent if payment has been made from the user’s personal account. Allowing operator to track and reimburse the user. All Payments are initially create with a default Pending state and need to be approved or rejected.

Simplified Payments

Simplify payments at Branches with confirm spot bookings made at branches in cash. POS machine support enables you to easily book over the counter LR via credit and debit cards, allowing branches and agents to conduct cashless business as well.

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