Track and Manage Cargo Status with easeTrack and Manage Cargo Status with ease

Sender Name and Address, Receiver Details, Sender and Receiver Ticket Copy, Cargo Stickers and more...

LR Types & History

Define the bookings criteria for different type of cargo bookings. Search LRs on date wise basis and track all LR types. Access all relevant details such as Sender Name and Address, Receiver Details, Sender and Receiver Ticket Copy, Cargo Stickers and more.

Paid Bookings

Paid bookings are those bookings where the amount will be received by booking branch at the time of booking itself. Once the booking is confirmed the customer will pay the amount immediately at the branch. LR  format type for paid booking will be as. “P-XX-XXXXXX”

To-Pay bookings

To-Pay bookings are unpaid bookings, where the amount is paid at the time of delivery. Once after cargo is delivered ,the receiver will make the payment to the user who has done the delivery person or directly to the branch. The LR type for To-Pay booking will be as TP-XX-XXXXXX

On-Accounts bookings

On-Account bookings are post paid bookings or bookings that are cleared every month. These are regular customers and are created by the operator as monthly payment or On-Account Customers, since payment happens in advance or at the end of the month. The LR type for On-account booking will be as OA-XX-XXXXXX.

Free Cargo bookings

Free cargo bookings are those which can be done with free of cost. These are complimentary booking done for a select few customers. These type of bookings will be done to those customers who are close to operators like friends, relatives and internal staff etc. Total amount shown for this bookings will be shown as Zero.

LR History

LR History allows the user to track status of a cargo along with sender and receiver details, and item description. User can also generate stickers for cargo. You can also change the payment status from To-Pay to Pay.

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