Simplify Fulfillment with easy bookings creation and managementSimplify Fulfillment with easy bookings creation and management

Manage cargo from booking till delivery easily with a feature rich fulfillment platform.

Manage Bookings

Create bookings easily with a dedicated booking page in CargoSimply Operations Modules. Communicate booking confirmation with preset messages. Create different types of bookings, and manage account type for each booking. Cargo Bookings Tab where bookings will be created and managed. Bookings Tab allows three types of bookings.

Manual Booking

Manual Booking allows you to manually enter the required data such as Item description, No.of items, Total weight, length, width, height, CDMand freight charge. All data is manually entered and no backend calculations are involved.

Automated Booking

Automated Booking minimum manual entry on user’s end. Automated Booking works for all booking type and allows the system to automatically calculate fields certain pre-determined fields.  Values will be calculated based on Kgs and CDM. Based on account setup, certain fields can be auto-populated saving time and effort for the user. Create fully automated bookings for certain routes or item wise fare for certain users.


Service Allotment

Service allotment is one of the major functionality and daily use feature in Cargo business. Once after the cargo bookings are done, the immediate next step taken is service allotment for the booked cargos. Service allotment features allows you select a service and assign or add a vehicle to the route.


Transhipment is the type of cargo booking where bookings are accepted to the destination where direct service does not exist. Goods will be accepted at multiple intermediate destinations via multiple services before reaching the final destination.


Mainly used by destination branches. Goods dispatched from the origin will be accepted at destination branches with Cargo Acceptance Tab. Destination branch can update goods status as Received and To Be Received

Single LR Acceptance

Single LR Acceptance option under Cargo Acceptance Tab allows you to search and accept one LR at a time.

Cargo Delivery

Cargo Delivery feature in Cargo Operations is utilised for goods that have been accepted and unloaded at Destination Branch. Cargo Delivery features enables users to filter data entering Delivered From date and Delivered To date and delivery status.

Single LR Delivery

Single LR Delivery option under Cargo Delivery Tab allows you to search and accept one LR at a time.

Multiple LR Delivery

Multiple LR Delivery options allows you to choose multiple LRs in a service and accept them all at once.


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