Manage your business operations with ease and simplicityManage your business operations with ease and simplicity

Manage is a heart for CargoSimply application. Cargo Operations Management is simplified.

Manage Operations

With CargoSimply Manage Module, create branches for the cities, categorize different types of users associated with the branches. Customization is done as per clients requirement. Managing Cargo business can be simplified with CargoSimply.


Create and Manage Branches

Simplify Branch level Operations
Easily create multiple branches in a city of your choice. Manage those branches for the cities where cargo operations are present. Set specific Branches for Booking and Delivery. With Manage CargoSimply Module you can not only create multiple branches for one city but also add and edit branch details. Allocate contact person for customer enquiry to each branch. Also, add and create users and agents who will work under this branch. Activate or Deactivate a Branch at click of a button. Create Source and Destination Branches for easy cargo Management.


Assign and Manage Users easily
Assign Users to Branches and manage user privileges with ease. Roles of Admin can be assigned to senior employees with understanding and knowledge of the system or those who have been trained on CargoSimply tool. Users also need to be assigned a designation and a role such as branch user or collection person. With limited access to different modules you can safeguard customer data and information by limiting access to hand picked employees. Users are assigned to branches and are granted specific roles within the system, from Admins to Employees to Operators to Collections Executive.


Create and Manage Agents
Agents are commission based employees for operators. Agents can be compensated based on the type of activity - Booking or Delivery. CargoSimply Manage Module allows you to define Booking and Delivery Commission for Agents. Commission is based on the type of LR and Fixed and Percentage. Fixed Commission is pre-defined amount irrespective of the Freight Amount. Percentage Commission is a pre-defined percentage amount based on Freight Amount.


Creating and managing routes made extremely easy.
Routes Feature allows you to create and add new routes in a simple and simplified manner. You can create a new route in less than 1 minute. All you need is enter is a Route Name, Service Number and source and destination points. You can add multiple source and destination in one Route.

Vehicles & Vehicles Staff

Manage Vehicle and Vehicle Personnel
CargoSimply Vehicle and Vehicle staff module allows you to add and remove vehicles. While Vehicle Staff Module allows you to assign personnel to the registered vehicles.

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