Easy account creation for YOUR end customersEasy account creation for YOUR end customers

Create accounts based on the relationship shared with your end customers

Customer and Receiver Accounts

Simplify Customer Selection on the booking page by creation regular customer accounts from the customers tab. These customers will be regular customer who sends cargos on daily basis. Create Receiver for every customer can also be created to same time while making regular bookings to the same receiver.

On Accounts

On Accounts Customers are Monthly Payment or Pre-Paid Customers  who send parcel regularly. They make a lump sum payment on a monthly basis and subsequent bookings are deducted from the available balance.

Bank Accounts

Bank accounts tab will be visible only for Admin . Operator Bank Accounts are added to the system by the admin. This enables the operator and the CargoSimply System Admin to check the available bank balance for each account.

Manage Transactions for agents, branches and On Account customers

Agents Payments

Keep track on your Agent’s booking and delivery commission. Carry agent account details like transactions , credits and debits and his available balance.

Payment Accounts

Monthly Payments Customers who manage their payments and transactions on a monthly basis. Check the balance amount and available credit limit.

User Payments & Debits

Users are employees of the operators who manage different accounts. These users are mostly delivery and collection executive or branch employees.

Bank transactions

Users allocated to a branch or an operator can update the transactions for any bank accounts such as credit or withdraw amount.

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