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Simplify Source and Destination Selection with choice of cities based on the selected states and countries. Cities, States and Countries are created  at the time of setup of operator accounts. Create City Codes to easily recognize LRs from a city.


Items are created by the users for use during cargo bookings.  Items which need to be actively used can be marked as Active with Priority Status as Yes.  These items will be loaded in item description of booking page. If Items are added, predictive search and suggestions are enable in item description. Allowing users to easily select the relevant item.  

Item Categories

Item categories and description are also created in Masters Module.  Item Categories are only for analytical purpose and does not reflect anywhere. The user can get to know what type of item categories are used in cargo bookings by the customers.

Vehicle Categories

Operator will create the vehicles that are used to dispatch the cargo to the destination.  Operator will be able to create the vehicles in Master with complete information about the vehicle such as make, model, vehicle type and tonnage capacity of the vehicle. Operator will also be able to create vehicle based on freight fare.

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